Clean transportation initiatives

New US associations will focus on automotive innovation and cleaner technologies.

The automotive industry is facing huge challenges with the relentless technological and environmental changes. Its response, in part, has been to form alliances of experts. 

The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Forum has been formed of 14 leading US fleets with an aim to share best practices amongst top technology providers and fuel suppliers on adopting advanced, clean transportation technologies. The Forum will allow participating commercial fleets to stay at the forefront of advanced clean fleet technologies, regulations, funding and low emission fuels.

Educational sessions will focus on the needs of the participating fleets. Topics may include fuel efficiency strategies and hardware; revnewable diesel and biodiesel. 

Against the backdrop of accelerating  automotive technology, the US's two largest automobile associations have joined forces to create the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. It has been set up as an industry resource representing manufacturers and value chain partners who produce nearly all light-duty vehicles sold in the US.

“As the singular, clear and respected voice of the automotive industry, it will be the role of this organization to help guide our members and partners through the exciting technological advances and transitions in the industry,” said John Bozzella, president and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation. “With deep industry roots and expertise, we will be the voice that advocates for policies supporting our industry’s efforts to develop cleaner, safer and smarter mobility options for the American public.”