Consumers' path to purchase - Google reveals the secret

Contact is key to consumer online purchasing.

Internet browsing

Whose business? Image: Pexels

A study by Google and Luth Research has revealed seven key aspects to the consumer's online journey to purchase.

Critically, the context of the search can have the greatest influence on the final decision to purchase.

The survey highlighted the following as the key to maximising the opportunity to ensuring a consumer will hit the 'buy now' button:

  1. The location of the consumer whether they're moving around or not - delivery options and product inventory should be highly visible.
  2. Consumers are very well informed - brands should be helpful and seen as a trusted resource.
  3. Searches lead to discovery - consumers look for guidance so there are moments in the search which should be captured. It's not just the last click.
  4. A seemingly unrelated search can link to a brand - consider partnering with related brands in connected verticals to reach similar audiences.
  5. People change course in their searches - maximise retail presence in different places.
  6. Ratings are reviews are important - consider building these into ads and messaging.
  7. Mobile searches play a huge role - focus messaging and planning on consumers who use several different devices.