Could voice-search be the next marketing noise

Voice-search is an increasingly frequent element of web search activity, but will it help product marketers?

The lastest Google survey revealed that 41% of US adults are using voice search to find out information on the web. However, it's still in its early stages and generally used for asking directions and dictating texts, rather than looking for products.

Yet, according to some analysts, marketers need to be alive to the use of voice search, ensuring that online content not only focuses on text-based keyword search, but more idiomatic, conversational search as well.

While the research asked people to consider voice search in the future, most of them considered its use in the most literal sense - asking their mobile device to help them find keys or the TV remote control.

However, some 36% of adults also expressed the desire to be able place an order - e.g. for pizza - using voice search and this opens up a number of potential opportunities for lubes marketers. For example the ability to book a drive-in vehicle service, or identify the right lubricant for their vehicle while on the move and order it for collection from their local garage or store.

There is still some way to go, but it's clear that voice search is set to make some noise in the marketing sector.