Former CNPC Chairman confesses to bribery charges

Jiang Jiemin has admitted to taking bribes in one of China's most high profile corruption cases

Jiang Jiemin

Jiang Jiemin in 2012 Image: CPC

The former Chairman and General Manager of CNPC and head of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission - expelled from the Chinese Communist Party last year for serious discipline violations - has now admitted to taking large amounts of money for personal gain.

Jiang confessed to taking bribes amounting to over 14m yuan ($2.25m while allowing his family to aggrandise a further 14.8m yuan ($2.4m) of unexplained personal wealth, according to trail documents acquired by the People's Daily.

The former oil head has also been linked to Zhou Yongkang, China's domestic security chief who was charged with serious discipline violations last year.

Premier Xi Jinping is keen to push through domestic reforms and stamp out corruption in state-owned enterprises. The prosecutors claimed Jiang doled out oil and gas contracts to suppliers after taking direct or indirect bribes, leading to "particularly serious losses in national interests."