Geely to use Lukoil for factory fill

One of China's largest automakers is set to use a Russian oil major's transmission oils on first fill.


Lukoil HQ Image: Horsenspinsels

Geely cars assembled in Russia will use Lukoil’s transmission oils for the factory fill, according to an official company statement.

All Geely vehicles manufactured at its major assembly plant in the North Caucasus will use various lubricants produced by the Russian oil major.

Lukoil (LLK) will supply its all-season, low-viscosity ATF brand for automatic transmissions, intended for use in passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles using the Dexron IIIG specification. For manual transmissions, the company will supply the Lukoil TM-4 brand, which meets the API GL-4 standard.

LLK is Russia’s largest lubes marketer, holding a 30% market share. In 2012, the company sold 325,000 of packaged lubricants, up a massive 47.8% from 220,000 tons a year earlier.