Long life and low emissions on the agenda for new engine lubes

Extending engine life while meeting the latest emissions regulations and OEM demands are the main focus of a range of new products announced by majors and independents.

US-based Pennzoil has introduced four new oils Extended Care, Start StopPennzoil's four new engine oils Protection, Maximum Power and Hybrid. They will be on sale from 1st November from select online retailers. Pennzoil is the first motor oil made from pure natural gas, rather than crude oil which creates a 99.5% pure base oil to which the company then blends high-performance additives to create the new products.

PetroCanada has expanded its TRAXON and DURON product lines with the launches of DURON Advanced 5W-30 and TRAXON Synthetic 75W-85. The former is a fully synthetic formulation designed to meet and exceed the requirements of API FA-4.  It has received a further market boos after being approved by major diesel engine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Cummins and Detroit Diesel.

The Canadian major has also increased its presence in the industrial lubes sector with the launch of its METWORX Spindle Oil 2 product.  According to the company’s information, METWORX is formulated from its “ultra-pure HT severely hydrocracked base oils and specially selected additives”.  It is designed as a low-viscosity lube for use on high-speed and precision machine tool spindle bearings.

Meanwhile Infineum has announced two OEM-specific engine lubes.  P6088 for 0W-20 VW 508 00 / 509 00 and P6080A for 0W-30 and 5W-30 VW 504 00 / 507 00 have proved full coverage for VW’s top-tier specifications. According to Infineum, the new products meet the OEMs demand for fuel economy and improved engine protection.

In a similar drive to achieve fuel economy, Shell Malaysia has released synthetic heavy-duty engine oil Rimula Ultra 5W-30, allowing extended oil-drain intervals of up to 150,000kms and better engine wear protection. It complies with the European ACEA E6 and ACEA E9 specifications and manufacturers’ approvals for use in ultra-modern diesel engines that meet with Euro 4 to Euro 6 emission standards.

High mileage vehicle owners are the target of Quaker State’s new line of synthetics. It’s latest High Mileage 0W-20 and Ultimate Durability Euro Full 5W-40 products are aimed at vehicles with more than 120,000km on the clock.  In particular the new lubes are designed to prevent leaks and reduce oil burn from older engines. 

Extended drain intervals are on the agenda for Esso (Thailand) as it rolls-out Mobil 1 OW-20 and Mobil 1 FS OW-30 to the region. Lab and road tests have demonstrated engine protection of up to 18,000km per oil change.

And finally, Petronas has launched its first lubricant for hybrid engines, Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 lubricant with CoolTech. This product is part of the company’s range which meets the latest API SN Plus specifications.