Lubrizol pioneers innovations in driveline additive technology

US additives producer presents on latest advances at industry conference

Dr Brown

Dr Gareth Brown presents at CTI Symposium Image: CTI

Lubrizol Corporation delivered two key presentations at the 3rd international CTI Symposium in Suzhou, China.

The symposium saw more than 420 auto industry delegates from nations including China, Germany, Japan, the USA discuss the use of modern drive technologies as part of a global effort to reduce fuel and energy consumption.

Lubrizol’s Dr Gareth Brown delivered his thesis entitled “Manual Transmission Fluids for Improved Efficiency – viscosity reduction and beyond”, which examined the performance parameters required for a modern transmission. According to Brown, a dedicated manual transmission fluid provides an ideal balance between vehicle efficiency and component protection.

Meanwhile, Michael Gahagan discussed “Wet DCT fluid technology optimization”, discussing how dual clutch transmissions continue to be a popular choice in Europe and China. DCTs combine both the efficiency of ease of use of an automatic transmission and also the efficiency of a manual transmission, claimed Gahagan, who also examined the need for a review of DCT fluids and continued testing.

New Energy Vehicles were also a key topic for discussion at the forum. Of particular note was a panel on how FAW, a Chinese car and truck maker, was making incremental improvements to drive train electrification. SAIC also delivered interested updates on the use of actuating we dual clutch transmissions.

Reducing fuel and energy consumption has been a key driver of change in transmission technology, especially in developing countries like China.