Manufacturers make (April) Fools of all of us

April Fools jokes include drone deliveries, dog baskets and a major change in location.

As always, April 1st 2017 was a chance for the automotive industry to demonstrate that is has a sense of humour.  In fact, BMW has become the leader in April Fools pranks.

This year the German manufacturer resorted to the 'ahhh'-factor to fool the British public by lanching the dDrive dog basket.  Top of the list of luxury features in the car-shaped basket was a carbon-fibre TwinPower Turbo fan with Eco, Pro, Comfort and Sport speed settings to simulate "the exhilaration of the open road from the safety of their basket".  The basket was even upholstered in nappa leather.

dDrive video screengrab

In case readers are too easily fooled, the giveaway of an April Fools prank is often in the name of the spokesperson quoted in the article.

Once again, BMW excelled themselves by quoting Jack Russell, its Head of Product Fabrication. The company even produced a video!

Meanwhile, Hyundai also turned to the funny side by announcing its "Click to Fly" drone delivery service.

Using a Martian Global Positioning System and powered by Hyundai's fuel cell technology, the company announced a "world's first" in delivering new direct to customers' homes by drone. Apparently, inspiration for the service was online customer Amelia Darhart (a play on the name of the legendary pilot Amelia Earhart who allegedly became an instrumental part of the service development.

Amongst others, Castle Coombe race circuit in the South West of England also caused a stir by announcing its total relocation to the Orkney Isles - 700 miles North in Scotland.  The decision was supposedly taken in response to the Brexit vote and the possibility that Scotland might call a second referendum to stay in Europe.

According to the race circuit, the move would be a three year phased relocation, starting with the start/finish straight being moved in 2017, followed by the corners in 2018 and the spectator banks and other infrastructure in 2018.

April 1st certainly made us smile.