Mobile video focuses the attention for 'Millenials'

'Millennials' are using smartphones more than any other device, according to Google and IPSOS research.

With 81% of of individuals aged 18-34 owning a smartphone, a staggering 98% of them claimed to use the devices to watch video content, according to Market Research Insight.

Young people using multi-screens

Multi-screens Image: Wesley Fryer

Where 'millennials' watch videos is significant: the research revealed they are twice as likely to be focused while watching video on their smartphones as on TV.

Only 28% of the time spent viewing TV was uninterrupted by other activities, whereas mobile video viewing was a sole activity for 53% of the sessions.

According to Google, if more than half the participating millenials are totally focused on the video itself when viewing on a smartphones,  marketers should be considering mobile as the primary delivery tool for multi-screen marketing campaigns.

Google cites the Land Rover's cross-channel campaign as a prime example.   The company ran a video ad which received tens of millions of impressions across all mobile devices and ultimately accounting for 15% of total Land Rover sales.  This level of digital success is supported by results of Volkswagen's SmileDrive app, as recently reported by OATS.