New tractor hydraulic fluid authentication mark

Farmers in the US and Canada will be able to choose tractor hydraulic fluid with a new authenticated mark.

Working tractor

Not just for farm use Image: JM-29

The company has launched the mark, claiming that existing OEM credentials for tractor hydraulic fluids claimed by lubricants manufacturers are not reliable or are out of date.

The impact of using lower quality fluids can be serious and very costly for the modern range of tractor-based vehicles. According to tractorlife, the wrong lubricants can cause wear, rust, oxidation, extreme temperatures and, ultimately, premature equipment failure.

A number of US-based lubes makers have already signed-up to the new standard and have already achieved approval. These include Petro-Canada and Texas Refinery Corporation. is hoping the voluntary standard will be adopted across the industry and improve both product quality and the marketing of tractor lubes.