Supermarkets charge $15 per litre for Aussie milk

As food quality concerns run high, food importers are continuing to reap the beneftis

Worth the $15?

Worth the $15? Image: David Woo

Dairy farmers across the EU are in turmoil. Bargain-hungry consumers drive supermarkets to slash prices, while oversupply supresses them further. But have they considered selling their milk to China?

With a fresh (or perhaps not so fresh) food scandal happening every other week in China, nervous consumers are paying over the odds for imported goods.

A litre of Australian milk can command prices of up to AUS$15 (69.5 Yuan) a bottle in Chinese supermarkets, while a kilo af Wagyu beef will set you back more than AUS$600 (2,780 Yuan).

A recent free trade agreement has eased commerce between the two countries, which has facilitated the trade of fresh produce. Aussie farmers are thought to be reaping the rewards.

China's growing middle class is also larger than the entire population of Australia, providing ample opportunities for local producers.