Universal Lubricants and Brakes Plus in new partnership

Brakes Plus has joined forces with Universal Lubricants.

Brakes Plus

Brakes Plus centre Image: Brakes Plus

Brakes Plus describes its new partnership with Universal Lubricants as "full cycle", allowing the lubes re-refiner to collect used oil and filters across the US.

The brake repair and general auto maintenance firm - which handles around 40,000 vehicles every month through its service centres - has now joined the oil re-refining company’s closed loop process.

Under the deal, Universal will collect drained oil and replaced filters for recycling from Brakes Plus' s 51 locations in Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Wyoming and Iowa.  The partnership allows Brakes Plus to join the Zero Waste Movement which provides convenience, cost savings and environmental benefits for customers.

Universal has been making waves in the US lubes industry with some innovative marketing and product design - including the first lubricants to be sold in pouch packages for its new Eco Ultra range, launched in 2012.