Castrol launches new lube dispensing system

Designed for vehicle workshops and 'quick lube' centres, Castrol ePODS combine clever design with fast-fill technology.

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Catrol's ePODS unit
Image: Castrol

The latest innovation from the BP-owned lubes producer is aimed squarely at the aftermarket. The new ePODS  will initally be rolled-out in the US after its launch in July 2019 and are designed to minimise waste and spillage, as well as increase lube fill speed for workshop technicians.

Each pod in the ePODS tower holds five gallons (19 litres) of lubricant - there are currently 38 available Castrol products to choose from.  The large pods gravity-feed smaller, removeable, hand-held dispensers which can be carried directly to the vehicle. Because of the design of the large containers, and a trigger activated nozzel on the hand-held units, the ePODS are designed to minimise waste from lubricant remaining in the container. The containers are also semi-transparent, with measurement notches, for accurate stock control and fill measurement. 

As well as being aestheically and ergonomically designed - Castrol's contribution to enhancing the appearance of workshops and quick-lube centers - the overall size of the ePODS minimises the footprint within a workshop. Standing six feet (1.8 metres) tall, the overall space used is the equivalent to a single 55-gallon (208 litre) lubes drum.

Presidents of PB Lubricants USA, David Bouet commented: "We’re continuously looking to revolutionize and innovate beyond the oil to help our workshops out that enables run better and look more premium.”