Flipping amazing!

You'd need nerves of steel along with a large helping of skill to complete this feat.

New Zealander Levi Sherwood has really upped the ante with his daring backflip on a Motocross bike. Called the "Shaolin Backflip", Sherwood executes the incredible manoeuvre with great precision, fulfilling a childhood dream in the process.

Clearly this isn't one for the feint hearted. The challenge of putting your feet through a heavy, flying Motocross bike's handlebars and then extending them out forwards while upside down, definitely rates on the extreme scale of activities.

And once you've started, there's no turning back. Sherwood acknowledges the level of difficulty of the manoeuvre in a blissful understatement: "It's quite hard to do." Which begs the question: how did he manage to practice?

A lot can go wrong with a stunt like this, not least of which could be landing upside down. But Sherwood says he knows when it's a "good trick" - by landing upright at the same time as the wheel touches the ground.