Has Facebook lost its face value?

Facebook's value has dropped for businesses.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads Image: Nepstra.com

The company has been ranked just fourth in digital marketing business value, according to a Forrester report.

Of 395 executives surveyed, only 51% were satisfied with the social media giant, ranking it behind Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn.

The report claims Facebook has reversed its original social marketing stance and is now in favour of "push" advertising, a much more traditional ad selling model.

The evidence is the huge number of daily display ad impressions, amounting to as many as a third of all online display impressions.

According to Forrester, rather than leading a revolution in marketing through its original "pull"-style ad model, this is now only represented by a showing of each brand's posts to 16% of people who have volunteered to sign up to the brand’s messages.

Facebook has hit back, questioning the validity of the number of marketers surveyed and has highlighted updates to its ad business.