Incentives could encourage returns to e-carts

UK shoppers are more likely to reconsider an abandoned shopping cart if they receive an offer.

E-cartAccording to affiliate channel shopping research, prospective online buyers are more likely to return to a shopping cart they had previously abandoned if they are offered some form of incentive or deal.

The research, comissioned by Rakuten Linkshare, also revealed  that 68% of affiliate channel shoppers buy from an overseas company.

The figures reinforced the fact that, despite logistical considerations, global advertisers should use their affiliate channels to capture new customers in mature and upcoming markets.

More than 2,500 online shoppers were surveyed across Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the findings provides other valuable information that could inform advertisers' online marketing strategies.  This includes country-by-country shopping behaviour and key factors which influence purchases - such as shipping fees, offers and comparison shopping sites.