Lube recycling plant saves waste damage in Bahrain

A lubes recycling plant which only recently opened has already saved significant polution from dumped waste oil.

The plant, run by AGAS Lubes and supported by the Bahrain's Public Commision for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, has already saved some 5,000 tonnes of waste oil being dumped in the kingdom.

The Sitra site opened in January this year at a cost of BD3.4m ($9m but has potentially saved significantly greater costs in damage to the local environment from workshop and garage oil which was previously dumped or re-sold.

The plant also recycles imported waste oil from around the world and is set to expand with a further unit to increase capacity to 144,000 tonnes annually.  Putting the severity of the problem into context, AGAS director, Eric D'souza, claimed that a single car oil change could be enought destroy one day's water supply in Bahrain.