Lubrizol open new additives plant in China

US chemicals producer, Lubrizol, is set to strengthen its presence in the Asian market.

Lubrizol logoLubrizol Corporation has announced the opening of a new additives manufacturing plant in the southern city of Zhuhai, Guangdong province. The plant is part the company’s long-term investment strategy, launched in 2010, to increase global additives capacity.

James L. Hambrick, Chairman, President and CEO of Lubrizol, sees the 400,000 square metre facility as an key part of the company’s expansion into the Asian market.

“Our investment in the Zhuhai facility is further confirmation of our ongoing commitment to the region”, said Hambrick, who believes that demand for advanced fuels and lubricants in Asia has “never been stronger.”

The site will enable Lubrizol to respond to lubricant growth in Asia and will increase the company’s ability to meet local customers demands by shortening lead times.

In addition to manufacturing capacity, the new facility also has a research, development and testing lab, which will support Lubrizol’s engine oils, driveline, industrial and fuel additive businesses.  The lab will also conduct field-testing in local vehicles in local conditions, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of Lubrizol data for their clients.