Mobile analytics still too complex marketers says Forrester

Only 46% of online marketers are committed to mobile analytics, according to a Forrester report.

According to the digital analysts, only 58% of professionals identified key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the activity of mobile progress against objectives and this could indicate that companies still doubt the effectiveness of mobile analytics.

This appears to be underlined by a belief that mobile still has limited business impact, demonstrated by less than 2% of marketing and advertising budgets being spent on mobile according to the report.

Forrester states the reason for the sluggish growth is that mobile analytics are still too complicated for marketers.  Apparently, vendors like Adobe and Google are failing to make a clear enough connection between analytics, metrics and content and the significance of the link between the three when it comes to return on investment.

The report indicates that metrics need to be well tracked, providing marketers with enough information to help them consider engagement, financial, mobile app and Web performance, benchmarking and qualitative metrics.  In essence, there is a need to turn information into knoweldge that can demonstrate clear benefits for mobile and drive strategies to make the most of the new technology.