Petronas launches hybrid lubes as part of new range

Formula 1 technology used by Malaysian lubes producer to develop road car products.

Success in Formula 1 motor racing, through its highly successful partnership with the Mercedes-AMG team, has helped Malaysia's national oil corporation enhance its latest engine oil range.

Hamilton & Bottas at Syntium launch

Hamilton and Bottas keep their cool Image: Petronas

Announcing the launch of Petronas Syntium with °CoolTech™, the lubes producer also revealed its first foray into the hybrid car market.

Heralding the new range as "the most advanced engine lubricants to-date", the company revealed five new upgrades in its Syntium 7000 range, as well as enhancements to its Syntium 3000, 800 and 500 series, with a focus on improved engine performance and reduced carbon emissions.

The °CoolTech™ technology is a direct spin-off from the on-track development which has helped the Mercedes-AMG Petronas lift its fifth consecutive F1 Manufacturer's Championship and Lewis Hamilton take his fifth Drivers' title.

At a product launch which included both Hamilton and his team-mate Valtteri Bottas, Petronas highlighted the issue of heat reduction as the key to enhanced engine performance and protection.  According to Petronas, °CoolTech™ uses strong oil chains to protect against excessive heat.

The use of hybrid technology - combining internal combustion engines with electric motors - has been included in Formula One cars since 2014, although electric power boost using the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) first appeared in 2009.  Along with Petronas' Primax fuel and Tutela gearbox fluids, Syntium brings the company into the fast-growing hybrid fluids market.