Research offers improved digital experiences for customers

Digital experiences must be designed, according to a Forrester report.

Customers are looking for great experiences when they use an organisations' website and it's clear that these don't happen by accident.

With this in mind, a recent Forrester Report has provided the Top Ten best practices for improving digital customer experiences. Among the highlights are:

  • unify the whole customer experience - this is becoming a critical debate in relation to multi-versus-omni channel marketing
  • get to grips with analytics and operational data to improve efficiency- such as customer services
  • understand the way in which reviews of customer experience are carried out and the key categories used as criteria
  • make use of real customers' feedback
  • design responsive websites - understanding the experience of viewing sites on different devices as the role of mobile techologies become increasingly signficant
  • measure digital metrics against wider business ones to define company objectives and determine ROI

The report also focused on the longer-term nature of monitoring and maintaining customer experience.