Shell Lubricants study reveals wrong lubes in mining shutdowns

Selecting the wrong lubricants causes huge shutdowns in the mining industry.

Mine engine repair

The right training saves shutdowns Image: UPC

A new study by Shell Lubricants has revealed that 96% of mining companies experienced equipment shutdowns in the last three years.

Half of the respondents acknowledged that the shutdowns were caused by the incorrect selection or management of lubricants.

A lack of awareness amongst mining companies about the importance of lubricants and their management includes:

  • a belief that all lubricants and greases provide the same level of performance
  • companies not having all the recommended procedures in place to manage lubricants effectively (41%)
  • poor staff training on lubricants (59%)

"We are very aware that companies are under pressure to limit costs and often looking for immediate results," Renée Power, Shell's global sector manager for mining commented.

"Achieving extended oil drain intervals, for example, is one way that customers can realize cost savings almost as soon as they upgrade their lubrication. As the oil or grease lasts longer, less frequent regreasing or oil changes are required, helping reduce overall cost of lubrication."