Shell lubricates the world’s largest hydraulic press

Global major, Shell, and China Erzhong are collaborating to keep a mega-machine pumping.

Raw materials

Raw materials are prepared for pressing Image: China Erzhong

An 800 mega-Newton, closed-die hydraulic forging machine, developed by China Erzhong Heavy Industry Company, is using Shell lubricants to meet its unique pressure and high load requirements.

The giant hydraulic press, the largest in the world, uses Shell Tellus S2 M46 to forge metals for applications in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power and petrochemical industries.

The press is specially designed to process ultra-high strength titanium and aluminium alloys such as aircraft body frames and nuclear power plant piping and turbines.

Hydraulic oil is one of the most critical components of the machine, which has an initial fill of 400kl and can reach an oil pressure of 650 Bar.

Hans Gerdes, Spriax and Tellus brand manager at Shell, claims that working alongside key manufacturers on high profile projects in an “important part of [Shell’s] growth in the Asian market.” Shell is also working on a new lubes plant in Shanghai, scheduled to come online at the beginning of next year.