Tag management's ROI revolution

Marketers are acknowledging the ROI of tag management.

Tag management - managing and updating website tags - is gaining currency as a valuable tool for marketers.  A report from digital analysts, Forrester, claims tag management is viewed as a way of gathering ever more complex customer visitor data which can, in turn, produce better sales. Marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the capabilities of tag management to collect, refine, segment, and standardize digital customer data. describes this as "the emergence of the digital data distribution platform."

According to the report, integrating data is seen as a huge challenge by almost all (96%) of the firms they surveyed. With marketers' goals focusing on customer acquisition and retention, there is a vital need to acquire as much customer-specific, segmented data as possible and use it to create an improved customer experience.>

With tag management being viewed as the way forward in enabling data integration projects, marketers are using tags to watch closely customers as they move across different marketing channels. Tag management systems (TMSes) have now evolved to be able to provide clean sources of data across a range digital touchpoints.

Investment in tag management, just one element of what is now regarded as 'big data', is set to increase if current growth is anything to go by.  Marketers have so far spent an average of more than 9% of their marketing budget in 2013, a year-on-year increase of 35%. According to Forrester, this growth is driven by the ROI that is being measured against Tag Management Systems.