World's largest dump truck

BELAZ has launched the world's largest dump truck.

Belaz Truck

The massive 75710 Image:BELAZ

Beating the likes of Bucyrus and CAT, the Belarusian Autoworks (BELAZ) 75710 truck has an an astonishing 450 tonne payload and is set for work in the mining and quarrying industry.

The giant dumpster uses an electromechanical transmission linked to two 16-cylinder, four-cycle MTU diesel engines, producing a total of 4600 horsepower, giving it a maximum speed of 64 km/h and around 40km'h when fully loaded.

The vehicle's fuel efficiency is helped by its ability to run on just one engine if it is not hauling a capacity load. With two turntable axles, the giant vehicle can also be reasonably agile with a turning radius of just under 20m.

No additional training is required to operate this huge vehicle as it functions within the same specifications as its predecessor, the BELAZ 75600, which has a 25% smaller load capacity.

The vehicle is currently still under test in some of the harshest mining conditions in the world - at the KRU Bachatski open pit coal mine in Siberia.  If all goes to plan, the truck should be on general sale within two years.