About us

OATS, the lubricants database expert helps leading lubricants companies to streamline their marketing and technical support.

Since 1984, OATS has been providing lubricant data solutions to the Lubricants industry. Originally started by two former Lubricant technical specialists, it has become part of the Haynes Publishing Group and has extended team of data, software development and technical consultants who work with our customers worldwide to support their product marketing and management.

"The best thing about my job is the diversity of the people we work with, both clients and internally"


Harold Cook

Head of Technical Consulting

"When you feel comfortable, you can do amazing things"


Will Scott

Product Delivery Team Lead

"Improvising allows me to stay sharp"


Katy Higgins

Customer Success Consultant

"I love working with different people from all over the world"


Loredana Lovisi

Head of Customer Success

"I enjoy the fast pace work environment and the challenges this brings"


Magda Williams

Senior Data Scientist

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  • We strive for better ways to deliver value
  • We embrace change
  • We react quickly and change course when required
  • We seek to expand our knowledge and ideas
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  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers
  • We share our knowledge and expertise to deliver the best solutions
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  • We deliver on our commitments
  • We work to accountable quality standards
  • We adhere to professional and ethical standards
  • We take ownership for our actions and decisions
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  • We focus on actions that create value
  • We measure the impact of our work
  • We make a positive contribution to the community
  • We celebrate success
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OATS database of Equipment and Recommended Lubricants is the world's largest lubricants recommendations source for the lubes industry and covers over 100,000 pieces of equipment relating to over 800,000 compartments. It is used by clients in over 90 countries including some of the world’s best known petrochemical brands.

ISO9001 Certified