China's buzzing subway

A Hangzhou man inadvertantly releases a box of bees onto the city subway

Inappropriate travel companions

Inappropriate travel companions Image: Thien Gretchen

The box, containing hundreds of bees was kicked open by its owner, a local resident, at Hangzhou Jiangling Station in an attempt to demonstrate its secure structure to police.

The accident caused nasty bee stings to several unsuspecting passengers, but fortunately no major injuries.

Officers noticed the man carrying a microwave box, which upon questioning they discovered was full of bees intended for an important business transaction.

Despite informing the avid apiarist he could not take a box of bess on public transport, he proceeded to attempt to enter the subway.

In an effort to reassure the officers that the cardboard box was properly secured the man dropped the box on the floor and kicked it, causing it to break open and release the bees into the underground system.

Fortunately, officers were at hand to quickly organise the crowds and begin to kill of the escaped insects. Many of the bees swarmed to the subway platform's light boxes and fluorescent lights, making them easy targets for the police and station personnel to swat.

Thanks to the swift thinking of the officers and transport personnel, the station was back in operation about an hour after the incident began. The man agreed to compensate those injured and promised not to carry bees on public transport again.