MENA consumers more likely to adopt mobiles first for internet

The popularity of smartphones will drive internet usage in the Middle East and North Africa, says Global Web Index.

Middle Eastern Women on mobile phones

Online and outside. Image: MiddleEastEye

A survey of 34 companies from the MENA region showed that people between the ages of 16-64 were marginally more likely to go online via a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop or laptop.

Mobile devices were used by 34% of consumers, whereas laptops and desktops were used as the device of choice by 33% and 30% of the respondents, respectively.

However, in more developed economies - such as Saudia Arabia, UAE and Turkey - smartphones had already significantly outstripped more traditional methods of logging on. Desktops in particular showed a steep decline in popularity.

The MENA region is mirroring trends shown across Asia Pacific markets, where rapidly developing economies and increasingly inexpensive smartphone technologies have lead to greater smartphone adoption.