Caterpillar partners with First Solar to produce microgrids

Caterpillar and First Solar are developing an integrated photovoltaic (PV) solar solution for microgrid applications.

Aimed at providing electricity and a reliable grid to remote small communities and mine sites, the package will feature Cat-branded solar panels manufactured by First Solar and will include a balance of system components.

Caterpillar microgrid solutions

Microgrid solutions Image: Caterpillar

According to CAT, microgrids provide value to prime power diesel and gas customers by integrating renewable energy, such as solar power, with generator sets, helping the company to deliver reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy for customers.

Caterpillar's Electric Power Division will exclusively sell and supply its own branded solar panels manufactured by First Solar, initially marketing to the Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America regions and available for customers there in the second half of 2015.