Mobile device users' purchasing habits

Apple's iOS beats Google's Android by 30 per cent on mobile purchases, according to Forrester.


App envy? Image: Tony Buser

The survey of 58,000 US mobile device users showed that iOS and Android are the clear market leaders and marketers are still targeting both when it comes to mobile purchases, despite the huge differential.

According to the digital data analysts, marketing departments themselves are affected by two key aspects:

  • the size of their budgets (56% of companies have less than $1 million in their mobile budgets and 41 percent have less than $500,000.)
  • mobile fragmentation (the speed of changes to operating systems (OS))

With Apple and Google reinforcing their status as market leaders,  Microsoft's Windows phones and Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry are now being left behind.

It is the same story for apps launches - 99% of e-business professionals surveyed by Forrester stated they intended to launch either a native or hybrid iOS app by the end of 2013, with 96% also targeting the same for Android.

Arguably the most important revelation from this survey is that iOS users are 15% more likely to research products on a smartphone or tablet computer than Android users.