Porsche plays 24hr social media race at Le Mans

The German marque invited Weibo and Twitter users to compete for VIP tickets on social media

Porsche Le Mans race

"Gentlemen, start your... engines?" Image: Porsche

While the average Chinese Twitter or Weibo user may not have access to cutting edge technology, multi-million dollar vehicles and a team of German engineers, Porsche has found a way to involve them in the action: the #24SocialRace.

The concept was straightforward enough, "The better you Tweet, the faster you go." From the beginning of the Le Mans race on the 14th of June, teams from each platform had to Tweet or post as fast as they could in order to accelerate 'virtual drivers'.

The race was measured using four criteria: number of Tweets per hour, the sum of followers across the team, the quality of the Tweets (contestants had to answer quizzes at allocated times on each platform) and the number of Tweets shared.

Posts were fired from both giant social media platforms, but, ultimately there was only one winner. Team HLB_PORSCHE's @endexjoey and his cohort @OurReturn2014 from Twitter won the VIP passes to see Porsche's legendary 919 hybrid in either Shanghai or Austin, Texas.