API Aftermarket Audit Program

The 2021 Aftermarket Audit Program (AMAP) is set to start, according to API.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) intends to test up to 1,300 global packaged and bulk engine oil samples this year. 2020 saw a slowdown in the collection of samples.

According to Jeffrey Harmening, manager, EOLCS with API, the focus for testing will be API SP and ILSAC GF-6A and GF-6B engine oils. He stated that API also 'plans to develop an annual summary report detailing AMAP program’s results.'

Under AMAP, all samples undergo elemental analysis, viscosity at 100°C, and high-temperature/high-shear testing. They may also be tested for cold cranking, pumpability, volatility, gelation, foaming, filterability, flash point, and shear stability. Product packages are checked to make sure they correctly display the API Marks and carry product trace codes and bulk oil receipts are checked for compliance with NIST Handbook 130 requirements.

API intends expanding the international program during 2021. Oils for gasoline-powered engines will account for about 60% of tests and oils for diesel-powered engines will account for the remainder. It is expected that about 500 diesel exhaust fluid samples will also be tested as part of the AMAP program.