The dark art of driving... blindfolded

F1 racer is shocked by a magical fiery driving display.

Former F1 racer, turned TV pundit, David Coulthard took a spin round a makeshift track in a supercharged Mercedes.  But this was no ordinary spin with no ordinary driver.


Fiery magic Image: Mercedes

Having driven world famous magician, Dynamo, around the course, Coulthard was then offered another opportunity to see the course from the passenger seat.  The difference was, that the course was additionally marked by a number of fire gates and Dynamo would drive the course blindfold.

After rejecting the chance to drive the course himself with the blindfold, the incredulous Scotsman reluctantly agreed to sit alongside the magician, while he navigated the course. In a style that has led him to global fame, with some dazzling and often unbelievable close-hand and large-scale magic tricks, then executed the driving feat without touching the course barriers or fire gates. As a finale, Dynamo revealed in flaming numbers the time Coulthard had predicted Dynamo would take to complete the course.  Coulthard had not told the magician what that figure was.

Coulthard is certainly no stranger to danger, but this was a passenger experience like no other and left him totally amazed and even a little disturbed by the experience.