Gold-plated motorhomes and 7-star rolling hotels

Million dollar motorhomes make it easy to travel in style.

Luxury motorhome interior

A little bit of luxury Image: March Mobile

Sitting in front of a roaring fire in your marble-clad lounge is pretty much standard fare for the rich and famous, but something of a novelty when the experience is in a motorhome.  But that is just part of the package included with the world's most expensive recreational vehicle (RV which recently sold for a cool £3m.

The 40-ft (12m) long, snappily-named March Mobile eleMMent Palazzo recently changed hands after its first owner, a Dubai sheikh decided to swap it in for something newer (and presumably more expensive).  Along with the marble lighting and fireplace in the living room, a suite of bedrooms, state-of-the-art kitchen and cocktail bar are included.

With an interior covered in sheets of gold, the piece de resistance for this rolling palace is a retractable roof-terrrace for a bit of sunbathing or for a grandstand view of the nearest F1 race.

In fact, F1 drivers themselves are no strangers to luxurious motorhomes.  Canadian racer, Jacques Villeneuve, commissioned a multi-million dollar RV to make his stays at the F1 circuits just that little bit more bearable.  On his retirement, he passed on his 'boy's toy' to British driver Jenson Button.  Now, the UK's largest motorhome has been converted into a 7-star high-class hotel complete with Michelin-starred chef and 24-hour waiting staff.

It's a tough life, but that's how the rich roll.