Google's 'mobilegeddon' reflects mobile search increase

Google is receiving more search requests on mobile devices than on PCs.

This changing websearch behaviour is now prevalent in the US and many other parts of the world. While it may be positive news for smartphone manufacturers, it appears to be having a negative affect on PC makers and other companies tied to the sales of desktop and laptop computers.

Embedded in the Android mobile operating systems, the search engine giant has been able to adapt to the changes although its average advertising prices have dropped because the smaller screens on smartphones have deterred advertisers.  Mobile ad prices are climbing, according to the company, because of the immediacy and relevance to prospective customers.

Recently, Google has begun favouring mobile-responsive websites in its search recommendation system and has also introduced advertising formats which work better on mobile screens. Dubbed 'mobilegeddon' by search engine commentators, Google search results now display and apparently promote mobile-friendly websites.