Great Wall Lubes promote “quality month”

Chinese producer conducts a comprehensive internal audit to promote quality and integrity

Great Wall Lubricants, a subsidiary of Asian oil giant Sinopec Group, has completed its rigorous “quality month” for the duration of September. The extensive review not only examined the quality and specification of more than 2000 different products, but also included a top-down examination of personnel efficiencies.

A comprehensive examination of the companies 12 production bases revealed that all department staff and equipment were “100% qualified” and met the relevant national standards.

The initiative was also aimed at promoting a more customer-centric approach to lubricants solutions, according to general manager Song Yunchang, who sees the industry moving into a period of “Jungle Law”, with stiff competition from both domestic and international rivals. Song’s slogan for the month was “put the customer at the centre and place quality first”.

“Advanced technology, high product quality and internationalization” are three key components to expanding Great Wall’s presence in China, where it already enjoys a roughly 65% share of the OEM market, but increasingly overseas as well. The producer now has a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide.