Imports to reduce fuel and lubricants shortage in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan will import oil products from Russia.

Kazakh pipeline

Workers on a Kazakh pipeline Image:

A current shortage of fuel and lubricants in Kazakhstan is believed to be caused by the country's currency's devaluation, leading to a rise in the cost of imported fuel.

However, with the dropping of import restrictions by Russia, a single operator - KazMunaiGas Onimderi (KMGO) - has stated it will be able to import enough fuel and lubricants to supplement the limited production of the country's oil refineries.

Asset Magauov, the CEO of the KazEnergy Association, said Kazakh oil refineries do not meet all the needs of the domestic market, in particular some 35-37% light oil product demand is met through imports from Russia.  This includes 74,000 tons of AI-95/98 gasoline, 578,000 tons of AI-92/93 gasoline, 28,000 tons of AI-80 gasoline and 378,000 tons of diesel fuel.