Project M city car on the stocks with help from Shell

Shell is collaborating with Gordon Murray and Osamu Goto in a city car project.

Scheduled to be launched in November 2015, Project M will be an ultra-compact, efficient car for city use based around the internal combustion engine.

Yamaha Motiv.e

The Yamaha Motiv.e Image: Yamaha

The project will see Shell's lubricant expertise combine with the legendary automotive design skills of Murray, most famous for his role with McLaren, and the engine specialism of Goto, former engine chief for Honda F1.

Their last collaboration, in 1988, saw the birth of the highly successful McLaren-Honda F1 Grand Prix cars.

Murray’s current project is the T.27 city car and he has also collaborated with Yamaha to produce the concept of its solution to urban transport on four wheels, the Motiv.e.

Announcing the project, Selda Gunsel, Shell Vice President Lubricants Technology said: “Since working with the Gordon Murray Design team on the T.25 car in 2010, we have given further thought on how to deliver a complete rethink of the car, using as little energy as possible. We believe this Shell car will demonstrate how efficient a car can be when Shell works in harmony with vehicle and engine makers during design and build, supplying fuels and lubricants technical expertise.”