Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer

Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer solves parking problems.

The beauty of this three-wheeled 11kg, electric scooter is that it folds up and fits into the back of a car, allowing the driver to park where there is space and then travel the last mile by scooter.

VW Last Mile Surfer

VW Last Mile Surfer Image: Volkswagen












A control arm rises from the centre allowing the driver to control both speed and direction. Although VW has not stated a top speed, it is likely to be a fast walking pace.

VW Last Mile Scooter deployed

VW Last Mile Surfer deployed Image: Volkswagen





















Set to launch in Europe in 2016, the compact scooter has a lithium ion battery which promises to have a range of 19.95kms or 12.4 miles.  Price is still to be revealed, but should be less than €1000 ($1500) and could be offered in the UK for around £700.