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OEM genuine oil consumption projected to grow

Kline Report says OEM genuine oil consumption is projected to grow as a result of consumer brand loyalty and automakers aiming to increase aftermarket service share.

View from the Bridge - November 2016

Could the role of the car in global society be waning? If so, what are the implications for the lubricants industry and motor oil?

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 158

Is flat global lubes demand really a surprise? The US market wanes and Asian and Russian consumption grows. Meanwhile the 'connected' car is the future today.

Global report keeps US & Shell on top

Despite a shifting lubricants market, Shell and the US retain top billing, although re-refining is starting to influence according to Kline.

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 154

The re-balance in the lubricants economy; UEIL conference contributions, refining over-capacity squeezes the oil majors and the Middle East enters the fray and how the lubes industry is helping to drive F1.